Two weeks ago, around Memorial Day, the US Army was tweeting about social media and how they are trying to beef up their accounts:

@USArmy tweet “HOOAH! Army is ‘working hard’ to increase their #socialmedia efforts.”

That had us thinking: how do you tweet as a brand?  And how could your brand increase its social media efforts?

After an 18 page research paper was filed away on this topic it boils down to these points:

1. You’re not you when tweeting – you’re @yourbrand

This means no complaining about personal matters. And, not everyone will think your joke is funny so your best bet is not to try to be a comedian.  @yourbrand’s tweets should be relevant to @yourbrand and your followers.

2. Leave the drama for the diva’s!

The old adage is true today- when it doubt, leave it out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  If you’re not sure if a tweet is appropriate ask a mentor for a second opinion. And, typically @yourbrand should be positive so leave the negative, ranting tweets at home.

3. Follow your followers

If @yourband wants to know what clients and customers are saying, it is essential to follow your followers.  This promotes discussion.  If a follower tweets at @yourbrand you are aware and can tweet back if appropriate.  Also, who doesn’t like to be followed?  If @yourbrand follows their followers it let’s them know that @yourbrand is interested in what’s happening in their lives.

4. It’s a teeter-totter balancing act

It’s important to balance personality with educational tweets.  This can be tricky.  After following a variety of companies and industry accounts, I found that most lacked this balance.  There were tweets about the traffic on the way to work with overwhelming hashtag usage like #annoyed #wokeuponthewrongsideofthebed.  Or there were companies that only tweeted scholarly articles, and let’s face it; your followers probably want more diverse, fun content.

5. Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be intimidated by twitter.  It may be intimating for first time users, but after a while it will become natural.  @yourbrand has the potential to grow and build positive brand association and affinity if this social media tool is used correctly.

How is @yourbrand tweeting?

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