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Three Ways to Harness the Power of YouTube

Monday, March 25th, 2013 by Amy Power

It used to be that to reach their audience brands had to have large television budgets and a professional recording staff, but YouTube has done away with that model. In fact the platform attracts 800 million viewers per month. Here are three ways you can use YouTube to benefit your brand and complement your social media strategy.

Answer questions. In any industry there are questions that need to be answered; taking the time to answer customer questions not only humanizes you, but it also helps build credibility. Whether you’re a Dallas publicist, a pool business out of Virginia, or a marketing and lifestyle expert like Marie Forleo, you have information worth sharing.

Marie TV: Should I Name My Business My Name or Something Else

You should note that the quality of production is not as important as the quality of information you are sharing  – notice how Forleo’s first videos were done from the comfort of her living room.

The Home Depot: How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

How-to videos. Have you ever tried building something and been completely frustrated by the instructions? Your customers likely feel the same. Think of procedures that could be puzzling to your target audience and create a 2-5 minute videos walking customers through the process. Companies like Home Depot and IKEA are already using YouTube as part of their social media marketing.

Testimonials. Customer testimonials are also a great way to build credibility. Bring in customer for a short interview or encourage them to share their videos with you via social media. You can later favorite their testimonial through your business’ YouTube channel.

Have you experimented with YouTube in the past? Is it part of your top three social resolutions for 2013? Drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you!

Upping the Ante

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 by Amy Power

Ford’s Scott Monty has taken it to a new level, again. And, I’m not just talking about his killer Social Media skills… he is transforming a fundamental PR practice: pitching.

Last week, Ford started pitching influential editors to get them to attend its Global Test Drive event and to invite their readers to participate in a Facebook promotion. How do I know this? No, I am not on their PR team… they made their pitches public. As a matter of fact, they transformed their usual email or print pitch into a script for employees to read on video.

Take a look at one of the invitations:

 A Special Ford Invitation for Michael Graham Richard

The video pitches are innovative and different; marrying both social media and PR for a combined win. Chris Crum and the folks at WebProNews  recently talked with Monty about making marketing channels work together, to which he replied, “There’s fundamentally much greater impact when we start to think about paid, earned, and owned media all working together.” 

“Traditionally, advertising and PR and then social media have kind of stood on their own, and they each do their own function fairly well,” Monty explained. “But when used in conjunction, there’s such a much more powerful momentum and aggregator behind that it absolutely makes a difference for us.”

And the difference will certainly be measured over the next year as PR and social media continue to leverage each other to give brands and promotions more momentum.

What makes this campaign golden

  • The videos demonstrate authenticity, transparency and further build media relationships.
  • The employees that are the closest to the media’s specific topics are the ones delivering the message. Ford is able to leverage personable employees giving the content more credibility and allowing the brand and the media contact to “speak the same language.”
  • Ford is using videos to promote a video campaign for consumers (it seems so simple!), but they are not limiting their promotional activities to YouTube. Instead, one of the biggest social players in this campaign is Facebook and Twitter is an effective tool as well. For those of you wondering how Twitter can be used to build brands … read on.
  • It’s actually working.

While a campaign template like this wouldn’t fly with most brands, it is a brilliant example of the convergence of PR (personal, individualized pitching and relationship building) with innovative social strategy and a creative product/ event promotion.

How will you innovate?